Centralised Inventory Management

Do you have issues with keeping track of your inventory? Have multiple warehouses? Look no further.  

Main Features 

The Main Features of the Centralised Inventory Management. 

Stock Management

Includes functions such as Stock In, Out, Transfer, and Adjustments. Reporting and Audit Log available as well.

Warehouse Management

Classification of Stocks by Bin or Individual Warehouses depending on business need.


Stock and Pricing Data Integration with External Systems, and POS Integratable.

*Applicable to Premium Package only.

Streamline The Processes

Having a proper Inventory Management System will provide high visibility and accessibility of products, preventing stockouts, and allow easy management across multiple locations. It helps reduce potential risks and streamlines the cost through integrations with existing POS system to track sales and stocks. 

Customer Satisfaction

With the ability to forecast sales, and automated reorder protocols, it brings about better management of your customer’s demand to generate higher revenue. It helps to reduce inaccuracy in stocks that could result in unfulfilled orders. 

Managing Your Inventory Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

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